006 HUMILITY: Help Is Waiting

What if your biggest problem is you? 

It’s one thing if someone actively stands in your way of becoming all that you can be.

It's quite another if you passively allow yourself to remain unchallenged and coddled at every turn. 


Looking back at all of your key pitfalls and stumbles, the common denominator is you. 

That’s not placing blame.

You are very capable. Imagine what you could accomplish or become with some help. 

If you really want it, help is waiting.


With a mentor, coach, teacher or course…you could become:


You, but better

You, but stronger 

You, but more level-headed

You, but more skilled 

You, but more authentic

You, but better informed

You, but more financially successful

You, but more emotionally available


Whatever you feel you lack, wherever you feel like something is missing in your ability or understanding…there is a mentor waiting for you somewhere. 


In the form of:

A book

A course

A membership

A long form conversation

A podcast series

A coach


If you don’t like where you are in a certain area of your development or progression, be willing to ask for help. 


Your EGO will fight you on this. 


Most people won’t ask for help  because of some irrational fear.

Thinking they’ll look dumb, incompetent, incapable, or (fill in your blank).

My question is,” SO?”

So, what? 


An accountability partner, a mentor, a coach, a therapist, a friend (only if they will tell you the absolute truth) can be the difference in getting close and making it all the way


No one is an island.


Ask for help. The worst they can do is say, "No."


Someone will eventually say, "YES."

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