008 The Five Pillars - An Overview

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In my coaching practice, I use many tools to work with clients.  We analyze limiting beliefs, re-work old thought patterns and strategize ways forward to achieving goals or desired outcomes. 


I also suggest cracking open a Bible..it’s life-changing. More on that another time...


Additionally, I use what I call The Five Pillars (of Becoming a Resolute Woman) to further examine each area of our lives and provide a tool that can be used daily in our self-talk and interactions with others.


Here’s the quick and dirty overview of The Five Pillars:


1. Mission - What are you really pursuing? In your career? In your relationships? Once you decide what that is, every decision you make should roll up to its completion. (read more here)


2. Ownership - Your “problems” are yours. If you can change it, you must. If you cannot, you must release it. No room for recreational complaining. (read more here)


3. Prioritization - If everything is top priority, nothing is. Edit is my favorite four-letter word. What can you cut to create space for the things you say you truly want? (read more here)


4. Humility - Where can you ask for help? Get an accountability partner, a coach, a mentor…take a course, read a book. Help is out there.  (read more here)


5. Perspective - Choose to win or learn. There is no losing when you agree to fail forward. (read more here)

This Week’s Challenge:

Screenshot the above section on your phone and refer to it the next time you feel out of sorts in a given situation. Run through The Five Pillars the next time you have a situation that is giving you grief, making you angry or causing anxiety…you may find a clear, actionable step that will bring things into focus and allow you to move onward in your day.


You are the only one who can.


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