009 Drink Less in 2024

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If you’ve been thinking about drinking less in 2024 and want a little support … I can help.


First... enjoy some insights from six months alcohol free (and only 5 drinks in the six months prior to that)


The set up:


  • I’m from Bardstown, Kentucky - The Bourbon Capital of the World
  • My father worked for a distillery for 32 years
  • Bourbon has been present in nearly every social or family gathering of my life for over 4 decades
  • My first gulp of bourbon was at the age of six
  • Alcohol played a starring role in every single life drama, crisis, heartbreak and meltdown of my life


I simply wondered…what is life like without alcohol?


What I discovered:

  • I sleep much better
  • I don’t need it to have fun
  • I have more meaningful conversations
  • My eyes are brighter
  • I actually feel my feelings
  • I’ve lost weight
  • I can leave a place whenever I want, not whenever I’m sober enough
  • My mornings start when I want them to, no hangover headaches
  • I've realized that “No, thank you” is a full, complete sentence . No explanation is really necessary.


It’s been an interesting experiment that I did without removing:

  • Dinners out with friends
  • Family holiday celebrations
  • Bourbon from my home bar (my husband didn’t stop drinking - but drank less as a by-product)


All of which used to automatically include two drinks or more for me. 


So, how did I do it?


I made three decisions in advance of options:

  1. A drinking plan (exactly how much I would drink)
  2. A different choice (Pellagrino or club soda w/lime are mine)
  3. No apologies (why would this even be necessary? But having some verbiage handy to deflect the questions is a good idea)


I’m not saying I’ll never drink again.

In fact, a food and wine tour of Italy is most definitely on my bucket list!


But I made a daily promise to myself that I kept. There’s tremendous power in that. My confidence spills over into other things now.


I simply have not missed it.


If you want to learn how to control your drinking (instead of it controlling you) I can help.


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Want to drink less in 2024?

Uncover why you drink in the first place?

Put a plan in place for when you do?


We’ll cover all of that...with weekly LIVE coaching/recordings so you won't miss a thing. 


You don’t have to quit altogether- unless you choose to.

Be intentional with your drinking choices.

When you say “yes” to booze…you say “no” to something else.


Ask yourself - Are you okay with saying no to whatever you're saying no to?


I want you to love your choices in 2024!



2024 is going to be an amazing year.

I'm here for it...and for YOU!


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