010 January Overwhelm and What to Do About It

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The ball dropped, the toasts were made, resolutions set…now what?

So much build up to the new year and now you may find that you're less than jazzed about the next few months ahead of you. If it’s possible to feel “behind already” on this seventh day of 2024…I’m absolutely there with you. 

While my New Years Eve was absolutely stellar (good food, great friends), my sleep pattern was officially wrecked. My normal 10:30-ish bedtime turned into a 2am exhaustion riddled folding-like-a-lawn chair pile into my bed and I struggled to get back on track all week. Later bedtimes and rise-and-shines than I prefer (and am at my best within) prevailed. It has affected my entire week…mental sharpness, eating habits and basic motor skills all took a hit. 

So, how do we right this ship of ours?

  • Remind ourselves of our MISSION; our true why, our north star, our reason for getting out of bed in the morning. Can’t find one? You’re still breathing, buttercup. You have work to do on this planet.
  • Take daily/weekly OWNERSHIP of the things we can actually change; don’t obsess over all the things that we can’t; that will absolutely drive you crazy.
  • Use ruthless PRIORITIZATION to realign what truly matters with our actions (sleep is now at the top of that list for me!).
  • Embrace HUMILITY and ask for help where we need it. You like helping out occasionally, right? Allow others the same joy you feel in those moments. 
  • Gain proper PERSPECTIVE and learn from the past few weeks/months to begin to craft a different and better year. You don’t have to live another chapter just like the last one. You get to choose.

This New Year… Is it daunting in your view or simply delicious? A vast tunnel of unknown or exciting adventures awaiting? Can you flip your old, tired script to challenge greatness to ooze out of your pores this year? 

Keep in mind that you get to define what greatness looks like.

Maybe it’s more of something and less of something else.


If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion…why not shoot for more of the authentic you and less of the coulds/woulds/shoulds that other people dole out in your direction? 


More reading actual books for pleasure. Less scrolling on social media.

More homemade meals shared at home. Less driving though.

More eye contact with people you love. Less texting.


As for me, I’ll be continuing to explore the beauty of this Bigger/Smaller life of mine.

It continues to surprise me in the sweetest of ways...


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