012 Are You Willing to Rest?

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Are You Willing to Rest?


I celebrated my 52nd birthday earlier this month. Birthdays always bring about reflection, as does the year’s end and beginning of a new one…so, I always feel a bit overwhelmed with reflection and self-analysis. 


In previous years, I have been the first to jump into calendaring and vision boards, goal setting and strategy…and I’ve started all of those…and they currently remain undone. 


I am okay with that.


Amid this hyper-intense reflection I’ve realized that this does not feel natural to become so goal-centric just because the calendar has declared a new beginning


I have embraced winter this year in a way that feels much more aligned with how nature operates


It’s literally meant to be a deep rest. And the amount that I rest is largely under my control (hello, Ownership pillar…).


Deep rest is crucial for renewing our resources, nourishing our souls, igniting genuine and thorough contemplation of what truly matters to us. 


A study at Columbia University states that “…sleep is critical to not only our physical health but also our mental health. Poor or insufficient sleep has been found to increase negative emotional responses to stressors and to decrease positive emotions.”


You do not have to tell me twice.


Can you allow for a slower winter embrace? Will you allow yourself to move at your own pace and not at the pace of the latest Instagram influencer? Can you pull back and look at the bigger picture of the seasons and appreciate winter for what it is; a time for germination (of ideas), and hibernation (of our bodies)?


Ways you can join me in this relishing of the winter slow-down:


  • Bake some home-made bread…and eat it, slowly, with real butter.
  • Read an actual book with a hard cover and no tv or cell phone in sight.
  • Drink your morning coffee or tea with the sunrise and just be still. 
  • Leave white space on your calendar and do not over commit.
  • Go to bed when you’re actually tired, not “when the show’s over.”

Those are just a few ideas…


What will you do when you decide to allow yourself the necessity of stillness?

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