014 Tired of Your BS Yet?

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Ever get home after a girls night out, a wine down Wednesday or weekend brunch and say to yourself, “(Sigh…) I always have the same conversations.”


  • Same romantic relationship problems
  • Same complaints about your job
  • Same issues with dysfunctional family members
  • Same complaints about your weight
  • Same feelings about the way your clothes fit
  • Same X
  • Same Y
  • Same Z


You fill in the blank.


Ever ask yourself why?



You're it.

You are the answer.


  • What you allow (from others and yourself) will persist
  • What you continue to repeat out loud (your language with yourself and the conversations you have with others) will continue to occur
  • What you currently do (your actions) will keep you where you currently are 


So, what are you going to do about it?

How are you going to start thinking about it?

How do you need to feel to take action, especially if it’s uncomfortable (and it should be)?


Do you really want a rinse-and-repeat life?


You don't have to have one. 

You don’t have to do what you’ve always done, what your family always did, what your friends always do, what you think the world expects of you.

Simple, but not easy.

You can't change any of that until you're honest with yourself about your part in it all. 

And then commit to changing.

Changing can be scary. But it can also be incredibly cool, life-affirming and the greatest adventure of your life.

God made you for a purpose and you keep getting in your way. 

Please, stop….and start small; with what you can actually change: you.

Take action and trust in God to guide your steps.


Read more on taking ownership of your BS here and get going, sweet-pea. 

You have one beautiful, brilliant life to live. Get after it!


If you need some strategy and hand-holding to that end, I have room for a few more clients on my calendar. 


Just waiting on you!


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