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Are you in search of an inspiring and captivating speaker who can engage, educate and kindly ask your audience to go places they haven't gone before? Whether it's a women's conference, a group gathering, or an event focused on tapping into emotional intelligence, Kristie offers a range of signature talks that will leave your audience enlightened, entertained and motivated to start moving their personal mountains.

Price varies, starting at $5,000

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“She has created a communications class for the residents here that is nothing like we've ever had before and everything that we didn't know we needed! Our clients are regaining their voice and gaining confidence under her organic style of instruction. I love how she is able to pick up on the energy of the room and create meaningful content.”

~ Stephanie D.

Signature Talks: Ideal for Women's Conferences, Groups, or EQ Enthusiasts

Becoming a Resolute Woman


Discover the path to becoming a resolute woman as our speaker shares her journey of inner strength, determination, and empowerment. This transformative talk will inspire your audience to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and step into their full potential; embracing the woman their Creator intended them to be.

* Price Varies

Thoughts vs. Feelings:

A Relationship Smackdown or Why You're Single and Mad About It


Intrigued by the dynamics of thoughts and feelings in relationships? Our speaker will engage your audience with an eye-opening exploration of the mind-heart connection. Whether you're navigating a relationship or seeking clarity on singledom, this talk will provide valuable insights to help you thrive in matters of the heart.

*Price Varies

Emotional Intelligence:

Learning to Read the Room and Not Alienate Others


Emotional intelligence is a game-changer in personal and professional relationships. Our speaker will guide your audience through the art of reading the room, understanding emotions, and building bridges of communication. Enhance your Emotional Quotient and foster better connections with this enlightening session.

*Price Varies

“Highly recommend Kristie! She delivers her message with intelligence, class, and wit. Warm and engaging!”

~ Dana B.

“Kristie's presence and questioning create a space for people to be vulnerable and think critically, which I found invaluable.”

~ Will S.

Invite our dynamic speaker to your next event and let the wisdom and charisma of our Signature Talks leave a lasting impact.


Whether you're aiming to empower women, explore the intricacies of relationships, or elevate emotional intelligence, our versatile talks are designed to inspire, educate, and ignite positive change.

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Price varies, starting at $5,000

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